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About the Artist

During a two year stay in England, I was struck by the melancholy landscape and changing weather of the English countryside. I have begun to use glass to explore the dynamics of my surroundings. Many of my recent pieces depict women doing ordinary tasks. Others depict abstracted landscapes from places Iíve visited that have meant something to me. Glass allows me to use movement, shape, color, and, especially, texture to express the emotions of nature. It also provides a window to the world, and helps me capture the spirit and feeling of the environment around me.

Abstract images of figures and the landscape hint of my love of color and mark-making that I learned from my painting education in England. My art begins with on-site sketches, paintings or photographs. From those references, I build my glass pieces, in the studio, in layers, hoping to retain the immediacy of the designs, shapes, figures, landscapes, and feelings, resulting in painterly abstract impressions from the Earth.

Layers of glass are painted and fired multiple times, then carved with a glass lathe, building upon each other to capture a sense of transparent and opaque dimension. My glass pieces, often in multiple layers, use enamels and glass powders to give an impression of a painting that is fused into glass. The enamels and powders build upon each other for transparent and opaque dimension. Multiple layers of glass intensify light refraction and atmospheric depth. Texture appears in carving inside the piece, as well as polishing and shaping the exterior surfaces and edges. All these elements combine to capture light and a sense of lightness that is best appreciated in the actual presence of the work.

I was honored to have my glass accepted into New Glass Review 32/Neues Glas, a juried publication held by the Corning Museum of Glass. Also, in 2008-9 I was juried into a show at the Smithsonian Institution. My glass is in the Studio Collection in the Corning Museum of Glass and is consistently included in the prestigious annual auction for Dale Chihulyís Pilchuck Glass School. I teach advanced classes on kiln-formed glass at The Corning Museum of Glass, The Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts, universities, non-profit and private studios around the world, as well as in my studio, Warm Glass Gallery and Studio, in Clemmons, NC. My book on groundbreaking techniques for traditional printmaking on glass will be released by Fall 2011. My art can be found in galleries, private, and corporate collections around the world.



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