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Click on the small thumbnail image to see work from each series.

Turn and Face the Changes

Growing up during the sixties was a tumultuous time. Women were redefining their roles. This series explores the way that, through education, women deal with the changes of the last century.

Sound Affects

Inspired by vintage record albums and musical experiences from my youth, these autobiographical pieces harness the power of music to create a series of cast glass record albums.

In The Presence of the Ancients

A series of cast glass sculptures inspired by the origins of humankind as viewed through mountainous formations in nature.




Pate de Verre

Sculptural works which take their roots from traditional pate de verre, yet with a contemporary sugary twist. Inspired by abstracted landscapes and life drawing.


Carved formations.


Carved formations.

Paintings within the Glass

General series which contains landscape paintings, both realistic and abstract, as well as people doing ordinary tasks.



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